What To Eat For Breakfast?

HEY SAM:  I just had a protein bar for breakfast, but I’m still hungry. What should I eat now?  ~LaManda, Los Angeles

That’s great that you got some protein with breakfast! (Research shows that people who eat a high protein breakfast 30 minutes after waking lose more fat than people who don’t).

The reason you are still hungry is because a protein bar is not a meal replacement, it is usually a snack.  Check the carbohydrate content of your bars. For your first meal—every day—your breakfast must also contain carbohydrates. This is a rule. It doesn’t matter whether you’re following the Easy, Standard or Express version of the Zig Zag diet, because your body always needs carbohydrates to kick off strong. (To balance out this protein bar breakfast speficially, good choices could be some oatmeal, or some Greek yogurt).

If you’re trying to lose those last 2o pounds, you will need to remember the inconvenient truth about weight loss.

Here are 14 ways to control sugar cravings.

Football is Life

IT STARTED AS A DARE from my shrink, of all people. “Join the LA flag football team,” she said, herself a former collegiate athlete. “I think it will be a good way for you to socialize and meet new people.” She had a point. Life as an independent fitness professional can be social but is often quite solitary. “You’ll do great,” she predicted, and I left the office thinking about the dare, something I’d actually considered for more than 10 years, since I first became aware of the league while lining up sponsorships for the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney, Australia.

A few days later, quietly sitting in my office after hours, I decided to accept her challenge. I registered online with the Los Angeles Flag Football league as a “free agent,” not aligning myself to any particular team, essentially allowing the powers that be to “draft me.”  I was quickly drafted to the Long Beach team.  Initially I was designated a rusher, but now I am a blocker on the offense.

I’ve been so busy learning how to play the game itself, and all of the shorthand lingo (which comes so naturally to my fellow players) that I can barely draw any parallels to life—yet. But I’m sure they will come to me as I continue to show up for our Saturday games. One thing I can say about my experience is that it opened up something within me. Accepting my therapist’s challenge and joining the team broke down a wall and offered a new and different path for me to follow.

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