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My name is Sam Page:  Fitness Coach. Writer.  Advocate. Speaker.

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I’ve trained hundreds and hundreds of people — ages 16 to 96 — helping to ignite their desire to change their health. For more than a decade now, producers and celebrities in Hollywood have relied on me to help them get into the best shape of their lives. My writing has been featured in the national and international press.  But it’s not just about celebrity fitness. Click around and read the testimonials on the site. Real people, from every walk of life,  find within themselves the power to transform. I’m grateful to coach these brave men and women who make me a better trainer and human being.


As a high school freshman, I started a candy store in Utah.  Unfortunately I “ate” a lot of the profits, my weight skyrocketed,  and I became one unhappy teenager. As a junior, I saw Top Gun, and inspired to start running, I lost weight and nominated to the U.S. Naval Academy and West Point. I chose Gonzaga University instead, rowing on the crew team and participating in Army ROTC.

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LA Flag Football

After college I co-founded and published HERO Magazine in Los Angeles. But surrounded by so many beautiful people in LA, I felt another transformation coming from deep inside. Once again, I set out on a course to again transform my body. And my life.  In the years since, I’ve learned is that we are all continuously growing, reaching, evolving and contributing. I believe that health is not just about physical fitness, but rather a reflection of a dynamic ecosystem, the parts of which I explore in the 500+ articles I’ve published the blog section of this site.


I know that hiring a coach or working out in a gym can be stressful or uncomfortable. I want you to know a few things about me so you know exactly what to expect during our time together:

  • I am rigorously SCHEDULED and ORGANIZED.  You can expect DEFINITIVE training dates and DETAILED communications.
  • I am dedicated to training using a PRECISE scientific approach — your body will be thoroughly EVALUATED. You will clearly understand what changes are needed and how you will get there. My workouts are customized for you.
  • I am METHODICAL—all of my exercise programs are pre-tested by exercise physiologists and physical therapists, and each of your sessions will be recorded and emailed to you immediately upon completion. Routines are safe, challenging, and fun.
  • For most, personal training is a luxury. Recognizing that, I am as EFFICIENT with your energy and your expenditures as I am with my own. So you can rest easy. I’m on watch

I will ask for 110 percent of your total effort during our sessions together, CONSISTENCY in your program & diet, and pushing yourself beyond your self-perceived limits. In return,  I’ll help you understand your body and your own technique so you achieve results in less time. And I’ll provide you with the motivation, education and personal fitness & lifestyle coaching to fuel your results long after you’ve stopped training with me.

If you’ve felt intimidated before, don’t worry. It’s not about my body, it’s about yours. The truth is, your current physical condition doesn’t matter much. I’ve coached hundreds of people from every walk of life, in all physical conditions. What matters most is that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to a program unique for you.

E-mail me for complete information.