Meal Planning

My customized Zig Zag Meal Plans are “legendary in Hollywood” and engineered to your body’s activity level and basal metabolic rate to accelerate your results in the gym.  

Science-Based Personal Training & Remote Guided Training

World class training programs are designed by an exercise physiologist and customized for you (no “cookie cutter” training here). Your workouts will be safe, results-oriented, challenging … and fun.  And your sessions don’t just end at the gym. I also track your activity between sessions using PocketSAM , the #1 guided intelligent training app, and the official app of .   No matter where you are in the world, I can coach you. 

Security & Privacy

Your records and fitness journey are safe with me, the “security minded fitness coach.”  I’m a licensed bodyguard in the state of California, which requires a strict background check. I obtained my B.A. from Gonzaga University, and earned additional credentialing as an Executive Protection Specialist through training with the World Protection Group, with curricula based on the U.S. Secret Service standards of protecting the president.  I am also certified in First Aid, AED and CPR by the Red Cross.


One of “The Top 5 Trainers in Los Angeles”



NO ONE is better at everything and anything fitness & lifestyle related than Sam Page. You’ll never believe how much FUN you have while he whoops your mind, body and spirit into shape!”

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