SLEEP is for the STRONG

TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN may go down in history as the year we made a breakthrough in sleep, especially our discovery about how the brain uses sleep as an “offline maintenance mode” to catalog our short term memories, and hence why it’s so vital to health.  Arianna Huffington devoted her entire TED Talk to the topic.

We now know that just a 1 hour/per night sleep deficit substantially increases unwanted weight gain, the risk of high blood pressure, and rapid onset of type 2 diabetes.

We also know it’s not just how MUCH sleep we get, but the QUALITY of that sleep: deep, dark, cool sleep (with blackout shades) is linked to better outcomes and longer lifespan in breast cancer survivors—who affectionately call “having good sleep hygiene.”  But there are more practical applications… Continue reading SLEEP is for the STRONG

Never Underestimate the Power of a Song

The Grammys were last Sunday here in Los Angeles, (Sam Smith killed it!)

From the outside, it probably looked like every other red carpet Hollywood awards show.

Great songs have great power

Just like the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon—an honest song cuts  through years of guardedness, right to the heart, bringing direction and clarity to our lives. This is the quality of artistry and integrity we give our awards and laurels.

Great songs make us FEEL and change how we THINK.

Music makes you feel things, and because feelings are largely responsible for your thinking, music directly impacts thought. Knowing this, you can use music to your advantage.  Seeking delight? Play a song that brings up a happy memory. Wanna weep? Play that one sad song (everyone’s got one, even me). But you’ll have to ask for the password.

Great music motivates.

You know, on the final stretch of that run when you’re exhausted and want to stop, a POWER SONG can help you fight to the finish, and get those hard-won, feel-good endorphins.

Fact is: great music is one of my 4 SECRET INGREDIENTS TO A GREAT WORKOUT.  An inspiring soundtrack is essential in the dojo: it sets a mood, revs up your determination, and provides a rhtyhm and tempo you can take with you long after you’ve left the gym.

TIP:  If you’re not exercising with intensity, or hit a plateau, maybe it’s time to take a look at your playlists. Get inspired and add some new music.

And, on that note…. check out THIS awesome, just released track by Florence + The Machine:

Remember: In the concert of life, each of us has a song. What song will you sing? And what’s stopping you?


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