I’m Sam Page, a fitness coach in Los Angeles. For  a decade, I’ve coached hundreds of men and women, helping them to uncover their inner athlete and desire to change their bodies.

It’s something I know about. I was once an overweight and unhappy teenager. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University and publishing HERO Magazine, my angst increased upon moving to Los Angeles in 1997, surrounded by so many “beautiful people.” Finally I said, “enough!” and something sparked deep inside. I set out on a course to transform my body. And with it, my life.


As fitness director of the Hollywood Production Center, producers and celebrities rely on me to motivate them into top shape. My health & lifestyle reporting has been featured in USA TodayHIV PlusPASSPORT, LIVESTRONG and in The Chicago Sun-Times.

But it’s not just about celebrity fitness. Click around and read the testimonials on the site. Real people find within themselves the power to transform. I’m grateful to coach incredible men and women who deepen my experience and resolve.


My workouts are custom-designed for each participant: FOR you, and WITH you (no “cookie cutter” training here). My programs are safe, results-oriented, as challenging as you want them to be… and fun!  I’ll ask for 110% of your total effort during our sessions together, consistency in your program & diet, and pushing yourself beyond your self-perceived limits. In return, I’ll provide you with the motivation, education and personal fitness & lifestyle coaching to fuel your results.

Sam Page Trainer


If you’ve ever felt intimidated by other people in the gym before, don’t worry, because your current physical condition doesn’t matter very much. I’ve coached hundreds of people from every walk of life, in all physical conditions. What matters most is that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to a program unique for you.

I’ll help you understand your body and your own technique so you achieve results in less time. Email me for a personalized, free LifeFit Assessment. Or call 323-785-2300.

26 thoughts on “ABOUT SAM

  1. Sam,
    You’re still as handsome as the day you played Cherry Grove!
    Richard LaFrance

  2. Just wanted to drop in to tell you how much I love you, Sam Page. From my core… I adore you. xoxo Rachel

  3. I’ve spend hours watching your lovely wedding pictures! you’re so romantic couple! hope some day get my great wedding day.
    I live at Peru so that will be a littel harsh to get, at least Im free for dreaming!

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  5. Loving your blog, especially the open letter to B.

    BA in Journalism from Ohio State and going to OU for my masters in broadcasting.

    You’re hot as hell.


  6. Hey bud,

    it’s Kenny. How have you been? I don’t have a current number for you. I tried to call but it was some girl’s message.

    I’m not going to get into politics with friends, it’s to messy. Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that. I’m not saying what I said was wrong, I do think Palin is a good person she has helped Alaska. I’m not a Republican “even though I might sound like one”.

    I just have to think about things that my family is going through right now. Palin has helped my parents fight the corruption with the National Park Service. The Park Service are trying to take our land that we have owned since 1969. We own a lodge in Wrangell St. Elias National Park. We are one of the only few land owners in the largest national park in the United States. The head of the Park has shut down trials that have been used for over thirty years to access our camp on Copper Lake. Basically shutting down my families business, saying that the trails are not designated trails. Those trails have been there before it was a park. My Grandfather used those trails (along with the Park Service) to access our camp, and for my grandfather to make a living my trapping in the winter.

    Things are different in CA and I understand that. I’m so glad you got married. You are an amazing person and I love you so much. I’m so glad I got to know you and I still talk about you to all my friends here. You are the best person I’ve ever meet in CA. I just get fired up because I’m going to lose one of the best places I know. I grew up there, went fishing, hunting, and have some of the best memories from. My Grandparents built it with their bare hands, and now we may lose it. You can see the website at


    talk to you later, miss you


    P.S. Bronson, you have actually given me more facts about Obama then watching the news. I do watch all the different news channels here and do try and keep current. I hope to meet you sometime you sound like a great guy, and I’m glad you meet Sam. He is an amazing well rounded guy, and you better treat him right:-) Shoot me an email sometime to catch up. My number is still the same. I’m actually planning a trip soon. Would love to see you guys and catch up.

    Miss you,


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  10. I thought you were hilarious in that movie with Johnny Brosnan in the scene where the two of you were visiting that old man and he referenced his own death by saying something like, “I want to do such-and-such before I go,” and you replied, “Where are you going???” It was a perfectly delivered dumb blonde moment. So adorable. Like the “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo.

    Orlando, Fla.

  11. Hi Sam. Thanks for the message. I write a column for Marks Adams’ vidioview.com under a different name. I’ve mentioned you a couple of times over the last couple of years. Check out http://www.vidioview.com/loren31b.html & http://www.vidioview.com/loren44.html.

    I’ve been a fan of yours for as long as you made movies. I wondered where you went. I found a link to your blog on Ken Furtado’s xxfactor.com. All the best to you and your husband.

    Orlando, Fla.

  12. Thanx for the message Christopher–and for remembering my short, (but whirlwind fun!) journey into the adult realm. It was quite a ride.

    And… Hippie, I’ll post a pic of my Max tattoo this coming week for ya. BTW, who’s calling who HOT? Tag, you’re it!

    Peace, Love, Lunges,

  13. YAY for wild THANG goodness! a MAX tattoo?! You are even cooler than I realized…”I’LL EAT YOU UP!”

    (tried to click on those links Christopher posted, alas…my work computer says NO!)

    Will have to remember to take a peak at home! 😉

  14. Andrew Rosen said he saw you and your man earlier at a protest. I LOVE Andrew.

    Go vegan like “Skinny Bitch” says. There are no fat vegans. It’s a beautiful thing.

  15. Would have emailed this, since i have kissed up enough on the blog 😛 but could not find an email addy?

    I just watched some of your stuff on Blip.tv and wow! I already thought you were very fun and knew that I just “liked” ya but I am truly impressed w/ you.

    Ever just have someone strike you that way?

    Thanks for bein you!

  16. Hello Sam!

    You have an interesting blog and I salute you for your dedication to health and fitness. As an advocate for supplements that really work I have an offer for you. Is there a way to contact you personally?

    Thanks and have a great day!


  17. Hi Sam: This is Gary Dickson in SF. You were kind enough to invite me to your 30th birthday at Here Lounge. I never forgot that! I will be celebrating my 50th in June. I hope you are well! Gary D

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