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Since 2004, I’ve worked behind the scenes as a personal trainer and wellness mentor in Hollywood — a place where “health” is often confused with having 6 pack abs,  or suffering through an unrealistic diet.


Extraordinary health is achieved by balancing an ever-changing ecosystem which includes, among many other things, your body. But also your mental health, sexual health, financial health, having a social life, living in a positive environment, being creatively expressed and a work environment where you’re flourishing.”


I know this is true, because I’ve lived it:  As a 13-year-old kid in Utah, I was addicted to sugar — overweight and super uncomfortable in my skin, which led to isolation in my teenage years.  After graduating from Gonzaga University, I moved to LA to launch HERO Magazine. But in LA, I found that my physical insecurities only  grew deeper, surrounded by so many beautiful people, I even resorted to liposuction at age 21 leaving me with permanent physical damage and thousands of dollars in debt.


Then something sparked deep inside, so I set out on a bold new course that changed my health, and my life.  I did the 575-mile California AIDSRide (San Francisco to Los Angeles), so my physicality could no longer be a question.

Slowly my body began to shift. I even started getting modeling offers to model for physique photographers in the country!  But after spending a few wild years in the harsh light of the camera’s eye, I decided to switch gears. In 2004, I opened my flagship training studio inside the HPC.   I opened two other branded locations throughout LA followed in the years since—including Glendale and Downtown.


I consider myself truly lucky to have briefly known one of the true icons of modern fitness, JACK LALANNE. Great coaches inspire you to new levels of performance. They stretch your self-imposed limits of what you thought was possible. They communicate the end game, and inspired you to go for it.  That was Jack.  Before his death, he shared with me one of the keys to his  success:

The MOST IMPORTANT person on this earth is YOU. What are YOU doing to help the most important person in this world: YOU? To live right, you have to exercise, have goals and challenges.” 

In years since,  I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top producers, singers, songwriters and celebrities in the world.  But I feel just as blessed and lucky to have trained hundreds of regular people from every age and walk of life, who are determined to embark on a new adventure.


According to one authority on training, about 90% of personal trainers do not track their clients workouts at all.  “And if they do, not in any meaningful way,” he said.   My practice went 90% paperless in 2007 (eight years before Equinox).  My app “PocketSAM” takes your training to the next level.  As a client, you have actual graphs of your progress — down to every single exercise! So we are able to cut through the bullshit, giving you data to prove you’re really advancing.   When you finish training, PocketSAM is yours for life, empowering you to ask questions and get specific guidance on training on your own schedule, where ever you are — at an affordable price.


Don’t worry. Actually, your current physical condition doesn’t matter very much—I’ve coached hundreds of people from every walk of life, in all physical conditions. What matters MOST is that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to a program unique for you.  I’ll ask for 110% of your total effort during our sessions together, consistency in your program & diet, and pushing yourself beyond your self-perceived limits. In return, I’ll provide you with motivation, education and personal fitness & lifestyle coaching to fuel your results.  I’ll help you understand your body and your own technique so you achieve results in less time My training is SAFE, RESULTS ORIENTED, CHALLENGING AND FUN!

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