Oprah and the LA Clippers

OPRAH WINFREY the self-styled, African-American “queen of media” came to Tinseltown to talk about Selma last Saturday.  But after the screening, she couldn’t resist dabbling in a little local gossip about her unsuccessful bid to buy the Los Angeles Clippers last year.

In the clip, Winfrey (sitting with co-star David Oyelowo) chuckles about the bidding war….

(At Arclight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood).   Shot by Sam Page

Sources confirm Oprah was in the middle of her first full day of shooting a stunt scene when the bidding for the troubled NBA team was taking place.

Oprah recalled scrambling to find a fax machine to submit her $1.5 billion offer while on  the set:  “We’re putting in the bid, and I’m signing it, and I’m thinking, ‘How ironic is that? I’m playing a woman who can’t get the right to vote, and now you’re putting in a bid [to buy a professional sports team].’”  [Updated 2:41pm PST]