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Welcome to PEACE LOVE LUNGES! Whether a first time visitor or friend, to help you out, I compiled a quick guide of some of the most popular posts on the blog.  

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Here are a few highlights: 
  1. What if Barbie Were a Real Woman?
  2. Locker Room Confessions
  3. Why Do I Vomit During Exercise?
  4. Frat Boys Have Feelings, Too
  5. Getting Off Antidepressants:  An Exit Strategy
  6. Gym Etiquette 101
  7. Three Quick Trips Worth Taking
  8. Hot Dudes Wrestling
  9. Brad Pitt Quits Smoking
  10. Boycott Looms Over El Coyote Cafe as Mormon Owner Expresses Regret Over Prop. 8 Contribution
  11. Rachel Cannon: The Sexy New Face of Yoga
  12. No-Xplode: Help or Hype?
  13. Interview with Jack LaLanne
  14. Should You Dump Your Trainer?
  15. Muscle is Currency
  16. How We Saved $5,441
  17. On Hair and Strength
  18. I Am About to Go Shark Swimming in Bora Bora
  19. Six Signs of a Lazy Trainer
  20. Six (More) Signs of a Lazy Trainer
  21. My Slack Ass Sports History
  22. How Often Should Your Trainer Check His Text Messages During a Workout Session?
  23. How Clearing Clutter Changed My Life: a Believer’s Story
  24. Confessions of a Coffee Junkie, and a Practical Way to Quit
  25. The Weight Room as Dojo

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Vegan Pot Pie

Healthy Recipes for Winter

303892944 87515be889 300x223 Healthy Recipes for WinterTen of my favorite, road-tested recipes. I hope you agree. Now, dig in!!

Fiery Sweet Potatoes from the New York Times
Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jinxiboo
Chili sin Carne al Mole from “Vegan with a Vengeance”
Turkey Meatloaf by Mike Hitt
Organic Almond Milk by my mom, Marcy Francis
Vegan Pot Pie by EarthVegan
Herbed Spaghetti Squash by Emeril Legasse Continue reading


Apple Takes a Bite at Health + Fitness

With iOS 8 firmly in place, and the new phones announced, Apple Inc  has taken another step into the health and fitness category. The health app makes sense of your overall health trends, tracking nutrition, fitness, weight and monitoring habits such as food intake, sleep cycle and hydration levels. Data will be also be collected by Apple Watch. Company officials promised that consumer privacy will be fiercely protected.  The app is developed with input from Nike, and also the Mayo Clinic, who are supporting the data collection and reporting aspects of the software.

As a former Apple employee (and one of the first personal trainers in the U.S. to switch from paper to 100 percent digital record keeping), I believe the future success of personal trainers is going to depend on their curiosity, adaptability to new technology, personal service and ability to educate clients. With electronic record keeping rapidly becoming the new minimum of what is acceptable, this is a VERY exciting time to work in health and fitness.

A good graphical overview of HealthBookhere:

Screen Shot 2014 06 02 at 11.49.03 AM 300x268 Apple Takes a Bite at Health + Fitness
Shoe Guy

The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Cross-Training Shoes

HEY SAM:  I am thinking about buying cross-training shoes to use in the gym. Is there anything specific I should look for in cross-training shoes?

~Bob, Los Angeles

As with men, it’s important to know that not every shoe is equipped to handle every need. Knowing the differences between these types shoes will help you get what you need, but moreover — prevent unnecessary injury! In terms of exercise, there are three kinds of shoes to be concerned about: running, walking and cross-training shoes. So what makes a cross-trainer a GOOD cross-trainer?


MESH — The shoe needs to have some mesh fabric. Mesh in a cross-training shoe helps the shoe handle variations in temperature, as well as to be moisture-wicking, (pulling moisture away from your skin). Breathability determines whether your foot drowns in a pool of sweat, or glides along comfortably.

Shoe Guy 257x300 The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Cross Training Shoes

FLEXIBILITY— One surefire way to developing unsightly corns is an inflexible shoe (especially in the toes). A good cross-training shoe should feel flexible. Does it bend in different directions easily? Does it allow your foot to move easily for movements like burpees and pushups? If in doubt, do a few in the shoes and see.  Continue reading