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My Favorite Supplement for Cutting

shapeimage 3 My Favorite Supplement for CuttingSAM, I am an actress preparing for a role in a feature film.  I have been working out with a trainer for the last 2 weeks and started dieting this week but I feel I am at a plateau. Is there anything I can take that would accelerate fat loss before we start shooting?  ~Gwyneth

It’s highly unlikely for you to be plateauing if you’ve only been eating right for less than a week.  You may need to increase your activity level to two workouts/day (common for actors, models, actresses).

If you need a secret weapon for cutting, my favorite is  CLA Extreme by NOW Foods.  It combines CLA with L-Carnitine and green tea extract. I’ve used it a number of times with celebrities with fantastic results.  It’s probably my favorite supplement for fat loss/cutting without any of the adverse effects of taking a stimulant. And don’t forget to take an honest look at what you’re eating.

The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Cross-Training Shoes

HEY SAM:  I am thinking about buying cross-training shoes to use in the gym. Is there anything specific I should look for in cross-training shoes?

~Bob, Los Angeles

As with men, it’s important to know that not every shoe is equipped to handle every need. Knowing the differences between these types shoes will help you get what you need, but moreover — prevent unnecessary injury! In terms of exercise, there are three kinds of shoes to be concerned about: running, walking and cross-training shoes. So what makes a cross-trainer a GOOD cross-trainer?


MESH — The shoe needs to have some mesh fabric. Mesh in a cross-training shoe helps the shoe handle variations in temperature, as well as to be moisture-wicking, (pulling moisture away from your skin). Breathability determines whether your foot drowns in a pool of sweat, or glides along comfortably.

Shoe Guy 257x300 The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Cross Training Shoes

FLEXIBILITY— One surefire way to developing unsightly corns is an inflexible shoe (especially in the toes). A good cross-training shoe should feel flexible. Does it bend in different directions easily? Does it allow your foot to move easily for movements like burpees and pushups? If in doubt, do a few in the shoes and see.  Continue reading The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Cross-Training Shoes

What To Eat For Breakfast?

HEY SAM:  I just had a protein bar for breakfast, but I’m still hungry. What should I eat now?  ~LaManda, Los Angeles

That’s great that you got some protein with breakfast! (Research shows that people who eat a high protein breakfast 30 minutes after waking lose more fat than people who don’t).

The reason you are still hungry is because a protein bar is not a meal replacement, it is usually a snack.  Check the carbohydrate content of your bars. For your first meal—every day—your breakfast must also contain carbohydrates. This is a rule. It doesn’t matter whether you’re following the Easy, Standard or Express version of the Zig Zag diet, because your body always needs carbohydrates to kick off strong. (To balance out this protein bar breakfast speficially, good choices could be some oatmeal, or some Greek yogurt).

If you’re trying to lose those last 2o pounds, you will need to remember the inconvenient truth about weight loss.

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