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2015: The Year of Passionate Purpose

“Do everything as though you are running out of time.
Because you are.”

May 2015 be a year of purpose and urgency.
Live and work with passion.
Do your best.
Don’t dial it in.
Be in love with your life.
Give love to yourself.
Show your courage.
Be willing to say no.
Allow the universe to organize itself.
Receive it in all its terror and beauty.
And if you win the lottery, remember me. :)

How to Make (and Keep) a Daily Ritual

Sam Page at Lake Arrowhead Cabin. Photo by Joey Flynn, FLYFOTO
Sam Page at Lake Arrowhead Cabin. Photo by Joey Flynn, FLYFOTO

Top performers and enlightened masters often share something in common:  they practice a morning routine.

The concept of a “daily ritual” was explained to me by my oldest personal training client to date, Mr. Jacques Dury.   The 96-year-old Frenchman still enjoys gardening, a leisurely brunch and multiple glasses of French wine throughout the course of his day.  As I listened to him describe his limitations, (partial blindness and difficulty with balance) I also quickly observed his otherwise astonishingly great facility and independence in nearly every area of life.  Jacques credits this largely to what he called his daily ritual.

“The Ritual is the single most important thing that gives my life its sense of meaning.”
—Mr. Jacques Dury

Two summers have passed since I trained Mr. Dury.  And with varying levels of success, I kept trying to create my own ritual—I kept at it because I believed him that creating this ritual would unlock the door to a more satisfying life.  Because of my respect for Mr. Dury and the impact a commitment to a lifelong Daily Ritual can have, I have purposely waited before writing about this until I’d come up with my own workable practice.

So over the next few weeks, in bite sized entries, I’ll post about how I create my Daily Ritual. It’s easier to keep a practice of this magnitude by “leaning into it” rather than trying to do everything all at once. (Thanks, Oprah).  So smaller entries will encourage you  to visit more often.  (And I welcome your feedback in the comments).

As you begin to consider your own routine, I encourage you to incorporate as many of the six senses as possible into each part of your day. For example, I love waking up in the Lake Arrowhead cabin to the aroma of strong Morning Joe, then meditating shirtless in the sun out on the big back deck. (Thanks Robert!)