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Don’t Take Anything For Granted

Life can change in a flash. So while you still have it, make sure you take the time to really appreciate what you have. We often don’t think about the things we have until they’re gone. Health. Money. Loved ones. Family. Work. If you’re young, you might think your parents are going to be around forever. They’re not. You might fantasize about getting back in touch with an old friend or flame, but unless you make it happen, it’s likely you won’t. You might think you have some money to spend on something but you never know what will happen tomorrow. Nothing, absolutely nothing—is guaranteed to be there for you tomorrow. And that includes those people you love. It even includes yourself. Don’t take ANYTHING for granted.

How to Rewire Your Brain: The Science Behind Affirmations

You’ve heard about “affirmations” since the dawn of the Stuart Smalley. They’re those “I statements” that go something like this:  I am grateful. I am lovable. I am open. Proponents of affirmations say—without reservation—that they work, releasing you from years of pent-up fear, pain, and shame.  But is there any real science to back this up?  The answer is unequivocally: yes. Continue reading

Rainbow Gulls

Mindfulness and the Meaning of Seagulls

I started making seagull stencils a few weeks ago after seeing a painting by Henri Matisse. A friend pointed out that the gulls were strikingly similar to my own realizations regarding love and detachment. As I continued to explore the meaning of gulls, I was surprised to find out that in Native spirituality, seagulls represent integrity, purity, and opportunity. Reading further, I found this: Continue reading

Pink on Marriage: “That’s What Relationships are For”

PINK performs the song “I Don’t Believe You” on possibly my favorite episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. The singer, one of the best-selling artists of all time, has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, talks candidly about her marriage to Carey Hart, who she met at the X Games in 2001. During their long separation in 2008, the couple sought marriage counseling in hopes of reconciliation. In February 2010 on Oprah, Pink confirmed that she and Hart were back together. On June 2, 2011, Pink had their daughter, Willow Sage Hart.  Pink maintains it was through writing this song, and sharing it with her husband, how important it was for them to stay the course in their marriage rather than start over again. “That’s what relationships are for — to teach us about ourselves, and to help us grow,” she says. “I’m glad you’re back together,” Oprah told the singer. This past January (2012), Pink and Hart celebrated six years of marriage: “I haven’t killed you yet,” Pink jokingly Tweeted her hubby on their anniversary, “But give it time darling.”  Continue reading

I Am Grateful for Butterflies

I am grateful for the surgeons who aren’t assholes. I am grateful for Taxol and Carboplatin and painkillers and radiation and CA-125 markers and carrot juice. For clean windows and Tylenol and singing penguins. For poppies and Subway and walks around the neighborhood. For candles finally lit, for losing our expectations. For flat rate boxes and black licorice scotty dogs from Trader Joe’s. For the O-VAX and the Hamster Dance, peach salsa and Seinfeld. For long talks with grandmothers. And mothers. For the friends who ask “how’s your mom?” and for those who don’t, because it’s too much to explain again, anyway. For Skype and Sha Sha, and her friend Kathy, and that high school friend who takes her out to lunch sometimes. For picnic lunches, heirloom tomatoes and flax muffins. For hand sanitizer and urgent care and shopping at Costco in a surgical mask. For e-mails from survivors and free nights and weekends. And I’m grateful for “good” days; really grateful for those. I pray for more days of getting sandwiches and driving to the park and watching clouds fly and wondering if we should buy a kite? I pray for a trip to Cheyenne and for a rodeo somewhere so that she can see me dog a steer. I pray for time.
Protect her during this time of magical thinking.
I am grateful for butterflies.monarch butterfly large I Am Grateful for Butterflies