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Six Secrets for Self-Motivation

Are you struggling with self-motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet?

We all struggle with motivation from time to time. But building self trust through a healthy dose of motivation, coupled with a little determination, will get you almost anything in life.  This post will explore six secrets to motivate yourself. Think of them as little “mind tricks” that you can use to lock onto your goals.

First, what are some signs that you’re genuinely motivated?

  • Motivation tells you to get out of bed for an early workout.
  • Motivation nags you to put down the doughnut.
  • Motivation makes passing on French fries a reflex.
  • Motivation makes a sweat drenched workout exciting.
  • Motivation constantly reminds you WHY  you do WHAT you do.

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks….

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Burpee Chin-up 2X Pushups [(B-CU-P)  Bee • Cuhp ]—are my challenging multiple-joint exercise which uses almost every major muscle group in the body. Explosively plyometric in nature, they also demand flexibility! Your heart and lungs will be working harder than your typical gym-goer who plods along on a recumbent bike for 45 minutes. Try adding 10 at the end of your workout.

BalletBoyz: On Love + Manhood

My friend Dr. Michael Horn surprised me with birthday tickets to the final performance of BalletBoyz at the Ahmanson on the first full weekend of November 2014. It’s the same theatre I saw Glenn Close’s incredible finale as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard with Marcy in 1994.  To create this magnificent performance, 80 “boyz” came to London from around the world for the open call. Ten were chosen.

The performance was rigorous yet intimate.  Sensual yet powerful. Beautiful yet  strong.  Sheer male energy, tempered with the feminine energy that created a sort of malleability that allowed the powerful motions to become very tender, even sensual.  Continue reading BalletBoyz: On Love + Manhood