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Jacqueline Lesko

Jacqueline Lesko, Film Producer

I am continually inspired by Sam’s kind spirit, fierce integrity and unnerving discipline.

I’d been working out with Sam since October 2006. It was going well; I felt strong and had tons of energy. I loved meeting Sam twice a week to yes, work my muscles, but also to talk through some issues – they always seem to come up in the middle of crunches, laugh at his great jokes and insights, and listen to his wise advice. I am continually inspired by Sam’s kind spirit, fierce integrity and unnerving discipline.


It took me five months to finally come to terms, and I have to be honest, it was my impending wedding date that caused me to say those fateful words out loud, as opposed to myself, alone in my bathroom, every morning: “Hey Sam, I can’t seem to stop eating like crap, I’m thinking of trying the Meal Plan you’ve mentioned…” His eyes lit up and I finally exhaled. I was nervous, I knew my day to day living and being was going to change so I meekly tried put up a couple roadblocks: “You know, I’m hypoglycemic, I can’t not eat. Am I going to be starving?” And, even better, “I’m in the film business, I work really long hours, will I be able to find the food I need?” I mean, I was reaching here…I was trying to wriggle my way out… But Sam was gentle and assured me that I would not be starving (except maybe on Thursdays) and that this wasn’t some weird sort of alien food I was going to eat. He explained that it was a simple Zig Zag plan – by daily “Zig Zagging” my caloric intake up and down I would increase my metabolic rate and lose fat—using clean, lean, unprocessed food. AND if I was committed to the process, was honest with my journal, and dedicated to working out, then it would transform my body.

And it did.

I love my arms now – look at those muscles!!

And yes, those are carbs on my plate.

Gina Kelly Rice

Kelly Rice

I’ve worked with many personal trainers, and Sam is by far the best in every way.

I come at this from another tact.  I am older, arthritic, overweight, out of shape and probably depressed.  Wouldn’t you be with that litany?

When you’ve been out of the gym for so long that the process of getting back in shape seems too formidable to begin, and you then work out with a trainer like Sam who has the skill and finesse of a body sculptor, all of sudden getting fit and feeling younger seems possible and attainable.

Sam has helped me gently get back to an exercise routine.

What I appreciate about Sam is that my workouts our tailored to fit me, exactly where I am at, at any given week.

I’m not crippled at the end of the workout which can happen with some turbo trainers on steroids!

I’m not 17 (shocker) and I end up feeling sore enough to know that I’ve worked out but not incapacitated. Sam intuitively knows just how far to push me.

Clearly, I should do much more, more frequently, but now at least I show up and can do 100 sit-ups.  This is something. How proud of  am I? For someone who hasn’t been to the gym in longer then they can remember, Sam is motivational, supportive and always looking for ways to inspire my inner athlete which he firmly believes is in there.

I think one day soon I will believe him.

~Kelly Rice
Global Media Strategist

Arshavir Blackwell

Arshavir Blackwell Ph.D

Sam is a great inspiration to many people, myself included, and is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. He is very easy-going, which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t push you, it just means he always accentuates the positive. He’s changed my mind-set from thinking of training as something I force myself to do, and dread, to something I look forward to doing several times a week. He even got me to come into the gym in the early morning. No one’s ever done that before!

Eric Mueller Athlete

Eric Mueller

I’ve known Sam for about 14 years and when it was time to find a new personal trainer, I thought of him first.

I had a sense that he’d be good, but I had no idea how good. Here are three great reasons why I would never hesitate to recommend Sam:

  1. He really personalizes our work together. Sam pays CLOSE attention to my individual workouts, strengths and weaknesses and needs… he recently noticed that it’s motivating for me at the end of a set when he counts down the last few reps (“only 5 more… 5… 4… 3… 2 more… 1 more….”) so now he’s started doing that for all our exercises. I am impressed at that level of attention and detail that he’s focused on for me, and pleased that when we discover something that works for me, it starts showing up in my workouts regularly. This is one way in that I’m getting great results.
  2. He’s whole-body, not just muscle man. Sam and I talk about nutrition and diet, we talk about cardio exercise, we talk about what else is going on in my life and how it might affect my health and well-being, we talk about my sleep patterns, etc. Of course, Sam’s a charming guy and easy to talk to, but I like that as we just chat and he asks questions about how I’m doing, the all the while, the wheels are turning in his head about how he can further improve my results.
  3. Sam runs his business like a business. Over the years I’ve worked with four other personal trainers, and I’d have to say Sam is the best, and most conscientious. Sam lets me know when I’m about to run out of sessions. Sam tracks all the exercise we do so I can see my results. Sam knows when it’s time to mix up our workouts and add and remove exercises. Sam is constantly studying things on the internet and will occasionally bring me something and say “hey, I read this article, and it reminded me of something we talked about…” If I mention that I’m struggling with eating too much junk food and I make a promise to eat well for the week, I’ll get a text message from Sam on a random afternoon just reminding me of my commitment to eating well. The bottom line is, I don’t feel like “just another client,” I feel like Sam is really taking time and energy to focus on me and my specific situation, and I love that. (Who wouldn’t? icon smile Eric Mueller

There are a heck of a lot of personal trainers running around Los Angeles, but Sam is definitely one of the few that I’d say is a PRO and produces GREAT results. (Oh, and that’s the one thing I didn’t mention above: I’m lookin’ really good, all thanks to him, heh.)

~Eric Mueller
Social Media Expert 

Olan Wicker

Olan Wicker

You are one of a kind in the professional business of personal fitness training.

During this past year,  you’ve pushed me, motivated me, and most importantly, taught me how proper nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. What you’ve taught me is a lifestyle. The result of your dedicated and professional knowledge has helped me to be in the best shape of my adult life. You are truly a unique individual in your profession. I thank you—and my body thanks you.

Olan Wicker
Elementary School Teacher
Center For Early Education