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Sam’s Glendale Studio, Reborn

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*SPF = Sam Page Fitness

WE’RE ABOUT TO REMODEL Sam Page Fitness — Glendale. The studio will feature state of the art cardio equipment, new flooring, new lighting and a fresh color pallette.

The Glendale studio will serve as an example for all my future gym/wellness centers: intimate, functional, modern, efficient.

Let me create your home or custom gym. Just tell me about your project and I’ll respond with a proposal within 2 business days.

Sam’s Glendale Studio Gets a Makeover


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Client of the Year: Conny Van Dyke

Mother, actress, songwriter & activist Conny Van Dyke allowed me a glimpse into her personal daily world. And shares how her life has been altered by the major stroke she suffered on Mother’s Day, 2010.

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My Dream: To Own a Gym in Hollywood

Picture 22 300x194 My Dream: To Own a Gym in HollywoodFor years I’ve wanted to own my own gym. Now it seems that the Universe is putting the pieces together, helping this dream to come to fruition. I’ve identified a location and a great space on Melrose in Hollywood, and I’ve begun talking with the owner of the space. Here’s what I know so far: It’s 1,800 square feet, two restrooms, halogen track lighting, polished concrete floors, ceiling fans. So far, seems pretty close to what I would choose. My current locations have been inside the Hollywood Production Centers, in Hollywood and Glendale. These locations have reflected my own personal design, and as I move ahead with a location of my own, no doubt I’m looking for inspiration from other industrial sources on what kind of a space my own gym might turn out to be. I’ve begun collecting some images of how it might look.

Picture 22

James Cude

Walking through Sam’s door for the first time, I was a bit cocky.

I thought: ‘I’m in good shape; I play water polo, I work out. Why do I need a trainer?’

But a friend I trust suggested I meet Sam—he said Sam could help me take my game further.

He was right.

Sam, your workouts proved that I still had a long way to go!

You kicked my Gay Games training into high gear, and you put me in better shape to compete—not just physically—but mentally.

James Cude
West Hollywood Water Polo Team
2006 Gay Games Competitor
2010 Deaflympics athlete

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