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Carlos Rosario

I’d been looking for a good trainer for quite some time

…trying a few for the last 12 years. Then I found the trainer everybody dreams to have: Sam Page. In a city (Los Angeles) where every trainer trains their clients the way they train themselves, (incapable of adapting their training to the physical chalenges of their clients) Sam is definitely a rare catch. He designs the perfect program for you based on not only your physical evaluation and lifestyle, but also the mood you’re in when you start your session with him. He’s always ready to change the workout with an incredible repertoire of creative exercises to fit the needs of your mind, body and spirit.

“In a city where every trainer feels like they need to be your ‘friend,’ (or starts off very professional but after three sessions have ‘crossed the line’) Sam will always respect your emotional boundaries, always listen to your needs. He’s discreet and respectful — quiet when he feels you need space, and a very good communicator when you need motivation.

“Working out with him is something I always look forward to. I have fun during my sessions and I’ve learned very valuable information about the body and weight training. His knowledge on how the body functions always impresses me.  Reading all the articles he writes every week on his website has helped me to stay in touch with all the latest in fitness, diets, and has improved my sessions.  You’ll be incredibly surprised on how fast you can acheive the results you’ve always dreamed. I’ve been working out just four months with him and I’m already in the best shape I’ve ever been!

“I don’t think any trainer in Los Angeles gives as much to his clients as Sam does—he’s a true inspiration and a joy to be around.  Sam’s just the best: a beautiful man with a huge heart that loves his work and dedicates 100% of himself to you.”

Carlos Rosario, Film & TV Costume Designer

Paul Horne

Best trainer I’ve worked with in LA.

Sam gets clear on your goals and creates a workable plan that you can actually follow.   He’ll also follow up via email and text throughout the week to help you stay on track.  The workouts are intense, but he alternates a fun/casual approach between the burning reps to make it all bearable.  Also his zig-zag meal plans are legendary in Hollywood for fast weight loss and fat-burning.   Sam’s a great guy, a great friend, great at what he does, and committed to you having the body of your dreams.   I couldn’t ask for more in a trainer. ~Paul Horne, TV Writer/Producer, The ELLEN Show

Eufe De La Torre, in spagnolo

Fue increible!

Despues de 6 años de estar en casa cuidando a mis hijos y a punto de cumplir los 40 (horror!), necesitaba un buen empujon para perder las 20 libras que poco a poco fui acumulando (189lb – 25% grasa). Con tu gran apoyo, rutinas duras y entalladas a mis necesidades, alcance mi meta de 169 libras en 6 meses. Tres meses mas tarde, he seguido las rutinas por mi cuenta y he mantenido mi peso. Ahora estoy en forma, con 32 de cintura, buena salud y mucha energia. Sam, me has inspirado a seguir en forma, mantener buena salud y volver a ser esa persona activa que antes era. No solo por mi, sino tambien por mis hijos. Gracias!  ~Eufe de la Torre, Therapist & Stay-at-Home Dad