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Inside the Locker Room (My 27 Favorite Blog Posts)

Welcome to PEACE LOVE LUNGES. Whether a first time visitor or an old friend, to help you out, I’ve compiled a quick start guide. It’s a work in progress, these are just a few posts to get you started:

15 Most Popular Posts of All Time:

  1. What if Barbie Were a Real Woman?
  2. Locker Room Confessions
  3. Hotty Alan Ritchson
  4. Mark Dalton Approved For Parole
  5. Why Do I Vomit During Exercise?
  6. Frat Boys Have Feelings, Too
  7. My Exit Strategy For Getting Off Antidepressants
  8. Gym Etiquette 101
  9. Three Short Trips Worth Taking
  10. Hot Dudes Wrestling
  11. Brad Pitt: I Quit Smoking
  12. El Coyote Owner Expresses Regret Over Prop. 8 Contribution, Boycott Looms
  13. Rachel Cannon: The Sexy New Face of Yoga
  14. Is No-Xplode Help or Hype?

12 Random Selections:

  1. Interview with Jack LaLanne
  2. Should You Dump Your Trainer?
  3. Muscle is Currency
  4. How We Saved $5,441
  5. On Hair and Strength
  6. I Am About to Go Shark Swimming in Bora Bora
  7. Six Signs of a Lazy Trainer
  8. Six (More) Signs of a Lazy Trainer
  9. My Slack Ass Sports History
  10. How Often Should Your Trainer Check His Text Messages During a Workout Session?
  11. How Clearing Clutter Changed My Life: a Believer’s Story
  12. Confessions of a Coffee Junkie, and a Practical Way to Quit
  13. The Weight Room as Dojo

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