Kelly Rice

I’ve worked with many personal trainers, and Sam is by far the best in every way.

I come at this from another tact.  I am older, arthritic, overweight, out of shape and probably depressed.  Wouldn’t you be with that litany?

When you’ve been out of the gym for so long that the process of getting back in shape seems too formidable to begin, and you then work out with a trainer like Sam who has the skill and finesse of a body sculptor, all of sudden getting fit and feeling younger seems possible and attainable.

Sam has helped me gently get back to an exercise routine.

What I appreciate about Sam is that my workouts our tailored to fit me, exactly where I am at, at any given week.

I’m not crippled at the end of the workout which can happen with some turbo trainers on steroids!

I’m not 17 (shocker) and I end up feeling sore enough to know that I’ve worked out but not incapacitated. Sam intuitively knows just how far to push me.

Clearly, I should do much more, more frequently, but now at least I show up and can do 100 sit-ups.  This is something. How proud of  am I? For someone who hasn’t been to the gym in longer then they can remember, Sam is motivational, supportive and always looking for ways to inspire my inner athlete which he firmly believes is in there.

I think one day soon I will believe him.

~Kelly Rice
Global Media Strategist