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  1. Sam

    Quick email from Sydney, Australia…please check out and see what we’re up to. I’ve created a weight loss/healthy lifestyle month for charity called ‘Droptober’. Yes, it’s in October! I’m from Chicago but now living in Australia…and the month is moving into NZ and now the USA.

    Droptober is about dropping a few lbs through healthy means in October, Novemeber, and beyond! We encourage people to sign up and raise money for Variety – the Children’s Charity.

    In Australia, I have superb ambassadors like folks from Biggest Loser, top nutritionists, etc… I found your website and love your background, and your message within your written words.

    So much more to say. We’re keen to have you on board as an ambassador. All I’d need is a blog and your headshot, and we can go from there. Droptober will grow, so we aim to promote you and your message to a worldwide audience.

    Interested? Hope so! Mike Jarosky

    Here’s a link to me and my column that’s seen around Australia: