Brad Pitt Quits Smoking

brad_pitt_10Brad Pitt testifies to the power of fundamental choice, telling W Magazine that becoming a father inspired him to quit smoking cigarettes:

In the late 90’s, Brad was something of a slacker, “spending too much time smoking things I shouldn’t be,” Pitt recalls. “I was asking, What’s it about? It couldn’t just be wanting a successful movie or something. Then I got more engaged, started studying more and [my] interests blossomed.”

Pitt admits that his own mortality frightens him—”I’m scared to death of death,” he says—and he also acknowledges that becoming a father inspired him to give up a deadly 20-year habit. “I quit smoking,” he says when asked how family life has changed him. “‘That was the only thing that got me to quit. That was it. Done.”

4 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Quits Smoking

  1. This is good decision taken by Brad. A smoker should leave smoking as he/she have responsibility of his family. Smoking can destroy your whole body as well as your social life. We all know that it is quite difficult to give up smoking habit, but a person with strong will power can do it. Electronic cigarette can help you to get rid of smoking.

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