Most Married Couples are Monogamous

You’ve heard the concerns — “men are naturally promiscuous,” or, “sex in marriage never lasts.” Not so, according to authors of the first global study of human sexuality. Not only are most people monogamous, but the people who are married are actually the most sexually active.

Research suggests that the concerns about rises in promiscuity and pre-marital sex in modern society are unfounded, with monogamy still the dominant pattern of behavior, according to the Times of London. The survey, published this month’s The Lancet, also states that there is no universal trend toward early sexual intercourse, non-monogamy, or polyamory.

More than 59 countries were included in the study, showing that most people only had one “recent sexual partner” and most parts of the world shift strongly to either marriage, domestic partnership, or cohabitation.The research comes just days after Britain released its own statistics which show that country is a broadly monogamous society.

Brtitain’s Office of National Statistics found that seven out of 10 men and eight of 10 women have had just one sexual partner in the past year.

“Most people are married, and married people have the most sex,” the authors say. “Sexual activity among young single people tends to be sporadic, but is greater in industrialised countries.”

One thought on “Most Married Couples are Monogamous

  1. Thanks Sam, for posting. Sometimes I feel like an alien. Here in NZ where the popluation is a mere 4m, and the biggest city in the South Island is 500k, we are led to believe that us married monogomous couples are sexually rancid, socially backwards, and generally unenlightened. I am a community worker (of sorts) with a heart three times to big for one persons body and I CARE about other peoples outcomes. (What they do in bed is none of my business, I don’t want to know). But I read, and research, ask questions, and dig for answers. What people are saying about their actual sex lives in anonymous nothing to lose surveys paints a contrasting picture to that of the propoganda machine. Casual entertainment oriented sex with no emotional or character driven commitmment to ones sexual partner is the undisputed loser, in real terms. But to say that, in a public forum? One meets ones reputations death. Sigh. Even the local primary school is hosting a pornographic comody show to raise money for a play ground. Can’t wait to talk to the PTA about that. So thanks again, and I really hope you see this. XO Karen

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