Hollywood’s Hot Blonde Yoga Phenom: Rachel Cannon

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PLL:  FOR THE UNINITIATED, YOGA CAN SEEM MYSTERIOUS AND DIFFICULT. Some people say they “just don’t get it” or were frustrated that they couldn’t keep pace… What do you say to them?”

RACHEL CANNON: For those intimidated by yoga, I say ‘Welcome. We were all there.’ But there are so many different types of yoga. If you took ONE class and hated it, ask yourself WHY you hated it? Too slow? Too fast? Too hot? Too much talking? There are hundreds of teachers. If the lifestyle of yoga interests you, find a teacher that inspires you. Meaning you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince. Just the way it goes. Vinyasa Flow classes are heated and challenging. Ashtanga classes are very disciplined and structured. Hatha classes are much more about the breath and much more relaxing. Bikram are very, very, very hot…. But beware of these since you can easily get hurt from false flexibility… due to the heat…know your limits.

If you want a spiritual class, find a spiritual teacher. If you want to just work it out and sweat a lot, go to a gym class. Find what works for you.

So how is yoga different from meditation? Or is it the same?

Yoga and meditation melt into each other wonderfully, yet they stand on their own.

Meditation is something you can do anywhere, anytime, in a group, or on your own. It is the discipline of your mind. Quieting your mind, in my opinion is much harder than perfecting your Chaturanga. It takes time and years of practice.

Yoga (the posture/practice) is the discipline of your body. One nourishes your mind, the other your body… both nourish your spirit. Done together, I think they can change your life.  MORE

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